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Destiny 2: Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing - Guide

2020-05-13 02:14:12

Destiny 2 Reward Guide Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nowhere

This enemy of fate 2 is a knight taken hidden in Io. Pandrok is an enemy that, in case players want good loot and XP to organize they must track this target, defeat it and claim the rewards.

Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nowhere. Everything you need to know.

To find Pandrok, start at Rupture and go left, towards the cliff wall that runs along the north side of the area. The entrance is directly opposite Asher Mir. This is because hiding on Io in the lost sector of the bone sanctuary. This Lost Sector is in the Io Rupture area, and one of the easiest cave systems to find.

Like the other Spider's Wanted rewards, this requires some Ghost Shards. Always take 30 minutes or so to keep your supplies high so it doesn't run out, but since it's challenging, it might be worth the XP and all the rewards.
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    The Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector circulates around a large central formation. So we have to make way for yourself and overcome various achievements that can lead the way sooner and reach your final goal.

    If you manage to overcome the levels and obstacles, you can make it a piece of cake to defeat Pandrok and if you succeed, you can claim your reward by collecting the reward from the Search screen. You will get some XP, Glimmer and an upgrade core.

    Compared to other Bosses in the game, Pandrok is one of the easiest to defeat so take your time to beat him

    Now that you know all about how to find an enemy in Wanted Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nowhere in Destiny 2 What are you waiting for to earn that reward?

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