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Today we bring you a Destiny 2 guide where we focus on explaining everything about the Beyond Light Preorder Guide

What is Beyond Light in Destiny 2?

Our walk through this game has allowed us to reach more and more content this time they will bring us Beyond the light and this is a new expansion of Destiny 2, which will be available soon, therefore, the need to have the Pre-order guide Beyond Light, because it is not possible to miss it, especially with the possibility of using the Guardian again as well as some weapons, of course, but what we could highlight the most are the enemies that are never missing, so let's not talk So much and we will contact all the details that you consider are necessary.

What is the Beyond Light Preorder Guide at Destiny 2?

The truth is that this is a game that little by little has been incorporating expansions, as I have been able to penetrate each time with the passage of time, only this time there are some vaults that simply cannot be played since they are not and they son:

  • Titan.
  • Mercury
  • Levitation
  • Mars

Right now that it is necessary to know the Beyond Light pre-order Guide, it is necessary to consider that there are some additions of Destiny 21, perhaps to give it an interesting twist, in addition to having the possibility of seeing Tangled Shore, European Dead Zone attached. , Dreaming City and Nessus.
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    What are the preorder copies of Beyond Light in Destiny 2?

    This advanced account with two specific versions, since Bungie has been in charge of merging these contents, between Destiny 2 and Destiny 1, and possibly certain of it `may be the following projects that developers have planned that include a future in the coming years, as well as the possibility of a third installment of the saga is totally open.

    Season Edition.

    Here we get the expansion and a standard version belonging to the first expansion and where it is possible to have:

    •     The Unknown Weapons Park.
    •     The exotic edge ghost shell.
    •     The pulse rifle.
    •     The legendary emblem.
    •     The exotic catalyst.

    Deluxe Edition.

    This edition is a little more complex since it practically encompasses the 4 seasons of this installment and has the possibility of allowing us to have:

    •     The exotic catalyst.
    •     Exotic emotion beyond light.
    •     The unknown weapons package.
    •     The exotic ornament.
    •     The exotic catalyst.
    •     The exotic edge.
    •     The exotic Sparrow from the sky.
    •     The ghost shell.
    •     Improving the stranger.

    Finally, it is evident that knowing the Beyond Light preorder guide allows us to enjoy many more contents thanks to this new Destiny 2 expansion.

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