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PS5: Does the console have a UHD reader

2020-06-10 14:40:00

Our PS5 guide today allows us to explain everything about The console has a UHD reader.

What can we say about PS5?

The first thing that needs to be commented is that this is the most recent version of consoles that Sony brings to all and this will allow us to continue enjoying and implementing better content for all tastes, and also to note that this brings a blu-ray reader whose purposes read 4K.

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    Does the console really have a UHD reader for PS5?

    Well, speculations have always been present around a reader and everything indicates that this console has the ability to read Blu-ray 4k, because it is necessary to affirm that PS5 gaming discs are simply 100 GB discs, as it is a console that within so many novelties presents the possibility of changing data with a disk.

    The PS5 is not compatible with either PS53 or PS52 games and fewer DVD discs, which implies the need to be precise.

    This is all that is known so far about the console has a UHD reader because we can easily have more image quality by choosing 4k, so PS5 will manage to revolutionize everything.

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