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PS4: How to Connect Airpod

2020-06-10 14:09:54

Today we have decided to make a high yes to tell you how to connect an Airpod while we are immersed in PS4.

What is an Airpord at PS4?

Today we have considered talking about some specific and quite viable elements for this console, `because simply knowing how to connect an Airpod should not focus first on knowing exactly what it is, and that this is nothing more than a Bluetooth wireless headset that we can connect to our console.

  This piece works as a receiver and is compatible with our PS4, because probably the best functionality that we can get with it is the possibility of having some kind of conversation with friends, as this is a very interesting piece of hardware that is even possible get them for other consoles only today we will talk about the PS4 specifically.

How to connect an Airpod in PS4?

In the first place, it is ideal to connect it to the remote so that a type of connection with another bluetooth device can be formed, keep in mind that this Airpod should only be that it is made up of two parts, since the idea is to get the sound to be the most nice as possible and it's done this way.


  •  Have a plug and a USB receiver that has the functionality to accept bluetooth.
  • Then buy the Dongle headphones, for PS4 where we will see that these come in two parts, one with the Bluetooth USB dongle and the other with an auxiliary connector.
  • The idea is to connect the dongle via USB to the console where we will see a light that flashes slowly, there you only need to press M and put it in pairing mode.
  • As soon as we see the flashing blue light we hit pairing on the Airpod case.
  • After a few seconds the light stops flashing and stays on, it is there where it will be necessary to place the auxiliary connector of the controller and go directly to settings in the menu of our PS4.
  • Once there it is necessary to go to Devices, locating Audio Device and then Input Device.
  • There it is possible to observe that it has been placed in the correct way, so we will do nothing more than return once more to devices and proceed to make some configuration of output to USB Headphones.
  • We adjust the volume and return to audio devices where we proceed to select Headphone output so that it is finally established.

 Now that you know how to connect an Airpod it is ideal that you do it on your own in your PS4 so that you can make a difference.

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