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Our walk through Warframe has allowed us to have some interesting races, but let's see exactly where to find a Vasca Kavat

What is a Vasca Kavat in Warframe?

  This is nothing more than a breed of cat that is interesting enough and ends up being one of the best options that we have at Warframe in terms of companions, so knowing where to find a Vasca Kavat, especially considering that this creature can be obtained in certain specific places and especially at night since he is practically a vampire, which is possible with the help of the master Tysonai to make a toy, only it is not possible to get much variety and we only have 3
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    Where to find a Vasca Kavat in Warframe?

    The Basque Virus: It is necessary to comment that it is vital to have a series of important steps and this implies two ways of achieving it, since firstly consider that it is only possible to get it at night and secondly that it will only be in the Eidolon plains, and only We need to worry about waiting for it to get a little closer to us because it is easy to recognize since its eyes usually shine red, because it is necessary to get the fingerprint, since the virus fulfills the function of infecting the Kavat, then it is ideal to place this footprint found in our incubator ship together with the template and proceed to scan.

    Basque Starter Kit: This is the second method necessary to know where to find a Vasca Kavat because the idea is to cultivate this breed, for this it is necessary to have 10 `Kavat templates, preserving their appearance since there is no way to make them change, in addition this creation of the new race has a value of 150 platinum. Once we have it in the incubator and we have grown it, it is an ideal time to give it a name and this pet cat can simply be at our disposal, what we must do to finish our task is to choose to vaccinate it and that's it.


    What are Vasca Kavat's skills at Warframe?

    • The possibility of resuscitation and for this the cat's health will be spent.
    • The ability to deal at least 400 damage to enemies.

     This is all we know about where to find a Vasca Kavat and with it get a very interesting pet in Warframe.

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