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2020-11-23 07:04:17

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Today we bring you a short guide to PS5 where we are going to tell you How to change the NAT.

What is NAT in PS5?

  Before going on to write exactly what these acronyms translate, it is worth mentioning that our console only selects one of the three existing types of NAT, however there is the possibility of changing it when we consider it necessary, in such a way that NAT is simply Translations Network addresses, what without a doubt is the network cover.

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How to change the NAT in PS5?

 There are 3 types of NAT and they are:

  •  NAT type 1.
  • NAT type 2
  • NAT type 3

 Now, the ideal is to stay with type 2 NAT and it is because it works as a means between 1 and 3, it is a balance, in such a way that this allows us to have a sufficiently secure connection, since type 1 can be vulnerable, while type 3 can choose to restrict traffic.

 To change the NAT it is necessary:


  •  Choose to turn on our PS5.
  • Proceed to load the PS5 Dashborard.
  • Navigate until you reach settings at the top of our screen on the right side.
  • Choose to choose Network and from there Connection Status.
  • Then it is necessary to View the connection status.
  • In this screen we can see the type of NAT located at the bottom.
  • Finally proceed to change it for the one we consider necessary.

 Now that you know how to change the NAT, it is time to choose to select the one that can suit you as long as it can allow you to enjoy your PS5.

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