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Angel Marquez
2020-11-23 14:15:55

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Find out how to complete the Genghis Khan challenge to advance in BitLife.

What to know about the Genghis Khan challenge in BitLife?

In order to progress and conquer everything that is not present in the game, we find ourselves with one more challenge, this requires some requirements such as living in Mongolia, being a general of an army, owning a minimum of 10 horses, being the father of 10 or more children and kill 3 or more people, which will lead us to find out how to complete the Genghis Khan challenge with details and is the role that the following content will play.

How to complete the Genghis Khan challenge in BitLife?

What we will do first is to start a life in Mongolia, after we reach the age of 18 it is necessary to buy horses, which will happen one for each year that passes, only that the purchase of horses is possible if we come to own equestrian property Charming or unique, these being the possible places to have them, another requirement is to be a general of the army, for this you have to register and get a university degree that lasts 4 years, certainly to join at the beginning you do not need any study, just that the university allows us to obtain said rank, starting from an officer upon graduation.
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Then we will go through being a father at least 10 times, with a single wife or randomly with people, certainly what is indicated is the person who we get to have a relationship, since we could incur some lawsuits and this can be expensive, which makes us the most complicated challenge is to kill 3 people, with the help of the crimes tab we can help each other or if not randomly do it, it is certainly something that complicates everything random in this kind of challenge, we must be careful This part of the challenge, in the end, having completed the requirements, we will have finished this task.

In conclusion, knowing how to complete the Genghis Khan challenge is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as BitLife.

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