Lidia Rozo
2021-06-04 08:27:50

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FIFA 22 will come to give us more action and from now on we will tell you how to get a 20 percent discount with your pre-order.

What does it mean to get 20 percent pre-order at FIFA 22?

Simply, on the one hand, we have some economy when ordering the game in advance, every year there are this type of discounts and this offers us the opportunity to pre-order it, something that has been happening regularly and for which we are all at the expectation and on the other hand, there is the issue that this implies that FIFA 221 is coming to an end, like everything else, the cycle of this installment ends and the doors are opened to a new one with more simulation activities.
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How to get a 20 percent discount with your pre-order at FIFA 22?

This is undoubtedly an excellent option for football lovers and for this it is necessary:


 Have a copy of FIFA 221.

  • Have a subscription to EA Play.
  • Now, as FIFA 221 is available in EA Play, there is no need to have a physical or digital copy, which makes this process even easier.
  • You need to start FIFA 221 and proceed to the home screen.
  • We must scroll through the ads we get there until we find one of that 10 percent discount in the next edition of FIFA and click on it to get redirected to the digital market of our platform.
  • Once this has been achieved we place the pre-order as soon as EA has confirmed FIFA 22.
  • To complete the 20 percent, add 10 percent of the FIFA 221 ad and an extra 10 percent discount for being an EA Play subscriber.


In that sense, knowing how to get a 20 percent discount with your advance order is simply great, this way you can count on the possibility of enjoying FIFA 22 as soon as it is launched.

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