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The action doesn't stop at Lust From Beyond, so we're here to talk to you about How to Get More Healing Points and Mental Health.

What to know about Lust From Beyond?

As we progress during the game we discover that there are vitally important factors, such as healing points and mental health, which can be affected by the damage caused by our enemies, including damage from falling from certain areas, when we are losing health we will notice a bleeding edge and that the seriousness of the matter will intensify, with a health point almost all the enemies can hit us, the higher we fall we can receive the damage in the health points, now to have an idea of how to obtain more healing points and mental health there are a number of details to consider that are presented below, let's see.

How to get more healing and mental health points in Lust From Beyond?

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    What helps us in the recovery of the healing points are resources such as bandages and medicine cabinets that are scattered in the levels, which are usually hidden in boxes that require a key or shears to open them, with the bandages we have a 25 per percent recovery, but the health kit can be of better effect because it will do it completely, meanwhile mental health works differently, this is linked to those explicit and terror images that we get when progressing in Lust From Beyond, things that They can cause mental anguish, considering the mutilated bodies and hidden notes that demonstrate evil intentions, certainly the fact that our mental health is completely lost is not going to kill us, but it will affect the control over our character, causing obstacles. To progress, then looking for the necessary objects is important to recover, because of the levels it is somewhat complicated, to get closer to a body we must do it with caution once we find it.

     As for How to obtain more healing points and mental health, we have to help us with the pills, which we get or through syringes with drugs the mental load will be relieved, the pills will certainly recover 25 percent, but the syringes will. Completely, there are even some small plates called renewal platform, from this green energy keeps flowing, and they are surrounded by spikes, which can restore us in terms of all ills and conditions.

     It is clear that knowing how to get more healing points and mental health is essential to stay active in Lust From Beyond.

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