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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-12 15:45:16

More about: Stronghold Warlords

Today we bring you a Stronghold Warlords guide in order to explain how to get diplomacy points, let's see.

What are diplomacy points in Stronghold Warlords?

 This is simply a necessary resource that can be a central element in this game, which can allow us to come out in a friendly enough way in some complex situations, because knowing how to get diplomacy points allows us to get allies in a friendly way which makes everything that we can think of simply usually turns out successful.

How to get diplomacy points in Stronghold Warlords?

 This is a necessary job to be executed and is usually highly vital, since there is no possibility of creating diplomacy, failing that, they are points that must be earned to use it as a resource in our favor, to achieve this it is necessary:

  •  Play some amount.
  • The amount of diplomacy pints we usually get every minute is 6.
  • Building the consulate or the emissary are favorable things to get diplomacy points which can represent around 33 percent.
  • We must consider the possibility of building a total of 4 Consulates, these usually have a value of 200 gold, on the other hand, build two Emissaries and each of them has a value of 500 gold.

 Now, with the necessary diplomacy points, we are offered the possibility of buying support from the warlords, only that these usually have different values, each one requires a different diplomacy rate, in this sense it is necessary:
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  • Choosing to buy the warlord for which it is necessary to click on the diplomacy points logo.
  • Then we are shown a map with various regions.
  • We must select the region that we consider viable that is below us.
  • We will click on the right icon of the man leaning.
  • We proceed to buy Obed science with diplomacy points and when we get it, the warlord will obey us.

  We must consider that the warlord we have purchased will not necessarily be available to us, as there is a possibility that he may be available to a higher bidder, so it will be vital to oversee diplomacy whenever possible.

  In general terms, knowing how to get diplomacy points leads us to do little work on Stronghold Warlords and always be one step ahead.

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