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Apex Legends: How To Fix The Shadow Bug

2020-11-09 08:23:28

In the universe of Apex Legends everything is possible, this time we will talk about How to fix the shadow error.

What to know about the shadow error in Apex Legends?

With the recent update of season 7 of the game, many new things have been presented, taking into account now that after performing the proper update there are some problems related to files and texture, which causes a shadow to be seen on the screen such as the black texture, which prevents the proper visual of the map and many other elements of the game that are covered by said shadow, certainly this makes us want to know how to fix the shadow error and is what we can see in the following content, Well, let's do it carefully.
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    How to fix shadow error in Apex Legends?

     With a verification of game files we can solve this problem, so we will do the following:

    In Origin:

    •  We enter the website
    • Let's go to my games library
    • We look for the options by pressing the right mouse button in the game
    • We press to repair


     In this way, the proper verification of the files begins, if there is any that is corrupt or missing, it will be downloaded automatically, after this process is completed we will close the application and restart the game, resulting in the elimination of said error.


     On Steam:

    •  To go to the Steam website we are going to click here (https://store.steampowered.com/)
    • We go to the library to locate the game
    • Get to properties
    • Find local files
    • Enter the game files verification


     At the beginning of this, it will be possible to verify all the files, in case of missing one, it will be downloaded and even those that are corrupt can be replaced if there are any, so we can play the game again.

     So we finish our guide on How to fix the shadow error, hoping that you can get the best out of Apex Legends, a very busy game.

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    Battle royale, first-person shooter
    Electronic Arts
    Release date:
    February 4, 2019
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