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2020-10-28 10:23:41

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Our Watch Dogs Legion guide lets us tell you how to get ETO today.

What is ETO in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is necessary to focus on getting some way to get as many ETO points as possible and this is simply the currency of this game, some missions make it easier for us to acquire them, because the only thing is to worry about getting as many ETO points as possible since with it it is possible to acquire:

  • Weapons.
  • You paint vehicles.
  • Buy clothes.
  • Get skins, among others.

How to get ETO in Watch Dogs Legion?

For our good fortune there are several ways to get this currency, it is only necessary to take a walk around the city since it is possible to access to perform some ATM hack for example, however, it is not the only alternative, for which first instance it is necessary to drive our vehicle and proceed to press A in case of playing on Xbox One, if we have it on PS4 press X or in case it is on PC proceed to press Z.
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There are interesting ways to get ETO such as:

  • Hack ATMs.
  • Hack the ETO Skimmers that are on the rooftops. (Requires hijacking a drone)
  • Take safes.

It is necessary to get ETO for the characters, since with this it is possible to access the stores and even get some discounts, because this game has some ETO packages inside the store, in addition to some cosmetics for which it is only necessary to have At least about 100 credits that are equivalent to 1 dollar, it is also possible to save these ETOs for personalization, this includes having the possibility of buying some clothes and some items that can sit well, the advantage is that there are several stores where we can give them your respective use.

In this sense, knowing How to obtain ETO allows us to have the opportunity to make some considerable changes in terms of appearance and style, in the same way to access some weapons in Watch Dogs Legion.

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