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2020-10-28 09:56:29

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Our tour of Red Dead Online allows us to show you where to find the legendary Iwakta panther, let's see.

Why hunt the Iwatka panther in Read Dead Online?

Because this is one of the most recent animals that have been included in the last update, and it is immersed in an interesting mission that is at our complete disposal, it is a Harret sighting mission that will make us move to the outskirts of Braithwaite in Lemonyne for which it is necessary to consider:


  •   Get close to Harriet first.
  • Choose to select Missions.
  • Precede to select Pantera Iwakta.

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Where to find the legendary panther Iwakta in Red Dead Online?

 It is important to know that each mission has its peculiarities and variations, because we can obtain a photo of this search to find the best possible angle, since it is practically a cinematographic mission, in such a way that choosing to take an image where it can be seen skinned could be an option to get a free shoulder bag at least 40 percent off Gus's saddlebags.

 It should be noted that the panther has not been the only novelty, however today we focus on it specifically, in such a way that upon entering the mission we will be automatically transported to the Braithwaite Mansion, since it is necessary to be very attentive to the possibility of hunting panthers, as some are normal and are lurking in the bushes, we can understand this in a somewhat simpler way since two workers of the mansion are talking about it. In this sense, it is necessary to go to the field since it will be vital to find some clues that allow us to reach our goal the Iwakta panther to hunt it, while we are inspecting the possibility opens up to a cut scene and this will present us a big cat, it that allows us to have the ability to have sedative ammunition and choose to shoot it, however there is the possibility of having 22 caliber ammunition since this bug can change what makes us have to kill it slowly.

 Now that you know where to find the legendary Iwakta panther, it's time to embark on this interesting mission that Red Dead Online has for us, good luck.

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