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2020-10-29 10:38:42

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The sole possibility of emoting in Watch Dogs Legion allows us to have the action of explaining how to Emote

What is the purpose of gesturing in Watch Dogs Legion?

Undoubtedly, this game brings a lot to do, because gestures here have their place and go in what way, because this allows us not only to express emotions but also offers us the possibility of completing the trophy and achievement called You Don See me

How to Emote in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is important to consider that gestures are simply expressions that we can use regularly in everyday life and this does not make it different in the game, especially because it gives us the opportunity to have the advantage of winning a trophy.
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To make gestures it is necessary to control a character in such a way that we only have to choose to press and hold the left of the D-pad, as this causes us to be presented with some amount of emotes on our screen, then we only need to use the lever right analog to proceed to highlight the gesture that we consider necessary and finally we proceed to release the D-pad.

Now that you know how to Emote, it's time to try it because it is favorable and even funny in Watch Dogs Legion.

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