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We have made for you a Watch Dogs Legion guide where we are going to tell you How to break the enemy guard

Why should we break the enemy guard in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a game where we get a considerable number of enemies and this makes us have to have the possibility of focusing on breaking the enemy guard, since this simply arises as a strategy to get a forceful blow to them, this especially because who They oppose us, you are usually wandering the streets.

How to break the enemy guard in Watch Dogs Legion?

Our only way to break the enemy guard is when we observe that the fists are in front of them, otherwise we will only get our character to wobble when we choose to break the enemy guard when it is not blocking.
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To break the enemy guard it is necessary to consider that our character can hit the enemy once he has broken it and proceed to give him some number of blows to give it an end, breaking the enemy's guard leads us to an enemy placing his hands in front of us el, which immediately leads us to press Triangle in case of playing on the PS4 or press Y in case of the Xbx One.

Now that you know how to break the enemy guard it is time to try it, because there are no more interesting tasks than to take them down and continue since Watch Dogs Legion is now started.

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