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2020-10-28 06:41:46

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Guide To Learn How To convert boroughs Defiant Into Watch Dogs Legion

 Converting a submissive people to a revolutionary one where the injustices that happen in the game scream will be your challenge in Watch Dogs Legion. Doing this is not easy as they paint it so you will have to move a lot to achieve this change in the game's districts, so in this guide we will teach you how to achieve it.

How to convert boroughs Defiant into Watch Dogs Legion?

To begin with, you must know what is happening around you in the London that they present to you, so it is very likely that you will have to interact with other characters with the same ideals as you.

There are 8 districts in total, so you will have to become defiant and regain control of the city from the oppressors. As you do so, you can even return the faith to DedSec and take down all enemies.

To get a district revealed you will have to complete the activities of each municipality. These activities will be marked with red icons and the more you complete, the less oppressed that municipality will be.
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Once you complete the entire Red Icon mission for a particular district, you will unlock a new mission that will focus on liberating that particular district.

Complete this unique liberation mission and you will have turned the district into a challenge. This is basically all you have to do, although easier said than done.

The first Liberation mission you get is the Camden Township, this is a history mission that will take you through the steps of how to liberate districts in the game, it's a good idea to see how the following missions work so you can see how will develop mostly.

  Now that you know how to convert boroughs Defiant into Watch Dogs Legion you can get the people to raise their voices to demonstrate what is happening in English society. Luck!

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