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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-28 13:32:23

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Guide to learn How to solve reign in hell cybervoid puzzle in Ghostrunner

  Ghostrunner has a very particular way of having to solve certain puzzles by giving it that varied touch. This time we will focus on the level of Reign in Hell that turns out to be quite annoying at first for certain inexperienced players, thanks to the introduction of the Wreck enemies, so if you do not know how to solve reign in hell cybervoid puzzle no worry that in this guide we will tell you in detail everything you should do.Take note of what we will say next!

How to solve reign in hell cybervoid puzzle in Ghostrunner?

To understand How to solve reign in hell empty cyber puzzle we divide the game into 2 phases:
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Phase 1

This part of the challenge is simple, since you only need to collect the four orbs. The first two are located on both sides of the bridge where the level begins. The next two can be obtained by entering the two doors on either side of the front door. Once you have all four orbs, head back to the front door and it will unlock. Jump on the orange booster to get to the next segment.

Phase 2

In this part it turns out that the number increases so you need six orbs. The first orb will be right in front of you, as soon as you go down. From there, head to the door behind you to get the next two orbs. Follow the path until you have collected four orbs.

Once you have it, walk the path until you reach a place with an L-shaped bridge. You must go down from there to the platform below to get the fifth orb. From there, follow the path once more, and you will get the final orb right in front of the front door, and it will also unlock.

Phase 3

To get to this phase you must use the orange boosters to move to the next segment of Ghostrunner. Here, you need five orbs to open the door. The first orb will be right in front of you, while the second orb can be found by going through the door just behind you, via an orange bridge.

Once you have the second orb, go back and go to the door on the right from where you found the first orb. This is where things get a bit tricky.

You will come to a dead end, but you have to jump off the platform to the one below you, jumping over the railing just behind the broken bridge. This will give you the third orb. Head to the door in front of you and you will get the fourth orb. Right next to the orb there will be a green switch that you must activate. Once done, return to the broken bridge by simply following the path back.

Now you can cross the bridge and jump onto the platform in front of you. Get the sixth orb and follow the path to get to the broken bridge. Go back to the front door and you will see that the door has been unlocked. You can jump over the railing if you have trouble finding it and it will appear in front of the front door. Continue to the next segment and finish the Overlord tutorial to complete the challenge puzzle.

 Now that you know how to solve reign in hell cybervoid puzzle in Ghostrunner you will be able to advance to the next segment of the game without major problem, but you will have to prepare yourself for more challenges like this or more complicated ones. Luck!

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