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2020-10-29 08:40:32

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For today we bring this guide on how to access facial recognition AI in Watch Dogs Legion.

What is the Start Sequence mission in Watch Dogs Legion about?

This is the first mission of Chapter 404, in which you will have to go to the Walkie Talkie Club after receiving a message from ctOS Hub. Here you will have to use an elevator to get to the upper floor where you will have to access the facial recognition AI.
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How to access facial recognition AI in Watch Dogs Legion.

To complete this mission you will have to use your Spider-Bot to then reach the upper floor and advance the stairs to the right until you find a plant with a concrete base in which you will find a vent through which you will launch Spider-Bot to open it.

Move through the vent until you reach another room where you will find some people who will not detect you. Move to the end of the room to find another vent that you will also pass through to get to another room.

In the latter next you will have to go up to the desktop and from there. To find another vent you will have to follow until you reach the room containing the facial recognition AI.

Walk to the ctOS terminal and interact with it when the Spider-Bot reaches the switch at the bottom to finish the mission.

 Thus ends our guide on how to access facial recognition AI in Watch Dogs Legion, we hope it has been of the greatest possible use and you have managed to solve and complete this mission now that you have the guide step by step.

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