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In the universe of Wasteland 3 we have many tasks, one of them is How to use action points and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about the action points in Wasteland 3?

We will have a number of action points available for each turn, these points are the battle currency of the game, the amount that we receive in principle is according to the class, rank and attributes of our squad, in the fighting these points allow us move the members of the squad, in the lower left corner of the screen when we are in the combat scenarios we will be able to notice the amount that each of the members of the squad has, it is important that we know how to use the points of action, to be able to attack, reload and continue the turns, the answers to the questions come next.

How to use action points in Wasteland 3?

The movements have a cost in action points, the greater the distance the more we will use of these, we have to think about how far we will go specifically so as not to spend more, we will see a change in the battlefield tokens when it is going to be carried out some potential movement, the blue represents those areas to which it is possible to move and those that will be covered with the action points that we have to be able to shoot with our weapon, whereas the orange blue indicates that we are in the maximum of movement of a Ranger, but when moving to this position it is not possible to attack.
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    To shoot we also require the action points, for 2 occasions it is possible to shoot from the side or semi-automatic weapons, now if we have larger weapons it is only possible to make one shot, which are the flamethrower, mini rifles and the rocket launcher, It is important not to waste the action points, so it is ideal if we have to use them correctly, one possibility is the final actions, which we will find on the right of our screen, thus reaching a submenu, we will have 3 options available and these are the following:

    • Prepare: this has to do with the end of the turn, we will have 2 unused action points until the next turn.
    • The ambush: in the enemy's turn that comes we are going to attack, to prepare it is necessary that we use the remaining points, thus achieving 5 percent of impact for each of the points that we use.
    • Defense:to gain 5 percent evasion we are going to use all the points that we have left, with the purpose of attacking and defending ourselves.

    Whatever option we choose, it will give us the corresponding benefit, we will confirm the action by pressing the corresponding buttons according to our platform.

    In conclusion, knowing how to use action points is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Wasteland 3.

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