Lidia Rozo
2020-09-01 11:27:05

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We invite you to discover in this Wasteland 3 guide what you need to know how to modify weapons and armor.

What are you going to modify weapons and armor in Wasteland 3?

It is important that we have the ability to modify weapons, which we will unlock by gaining skill points, it is important to note that each of the weapons has an associated modification level, so our character must be in the Chord level for the control and improvement of weapons, now to know how to modify weapons and armor we have to see the following explanatory content, let's see what we find then.
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How to modify weapons and armor in Wasteland 3?

Our character must at least be at level 1 of weapon or armor modification, then from our inventory we must make the choice of weapon or armor to proceed to make the modification, what we will do is choose the weapon or armor mods that we will have in Some of the places, this is possible through an interface, the main requirement being the appropriate level of modification, when we have placed the mods they will be eliminated, so we must use them properly in the weapons we use most frequently, the operation of The modifications is different if we are in the cooperative mode, a fact that is due to the restrictions of the skills that we can use.

Now that you know how to modify weapons and armor, just do it and keep progressing in this incredible game that is Wasteland 3