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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-14 18:00:58

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We have made for you a Wasteland 3 guide where we propose to explain to you How to obtain Cyborg Tech

What is Cyborg Tech in Wasteland 3?

  This is a rare advantage that allows us to transform a character into a Cyborg and be able to equip them with mods, because as we progress in Wasteland 3 we are offered the opportunity to make some modifications, to achieve this it is necessary to have some experience and a Single player can become somewhat complex, since knowing how to obtain Cyborg technology can allow us to have a special mention and incorporate humor, flavor and modifications.
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How to get Cyborg Tech in Wasteland 3?


 To achieve this, it is necessary to do it in 4 steps and they are the following:


 Obtain the column of the machine: this is a necessary element that we must find and as soon as we have it with us it is necessary to go to the machinery doctor, Vivitexco, RN, and talk with him since this allows us to complete the next counterintelligence mission .


 The Unit: This can only be achieved when we have completed the previous step, for this it is necessary to have 1,024 dollars since it will be necessary to buy it at Vivitesco, after that it is possible to use the Cyborg Tech Control Unit on any character to give it some advantage which allows us to unlock some interesting options.


 The Mods: to know how to obtain Cyborg Tech it is necessary to have some own entities and these are simply the Mods, these can be separated from the Cyborg chickens, they are a type of object that can contain passive or active effects, this can be bought or achieved allowing us to use them for a particular character in Wasteland 3 3, having the following characteristics:


 It is possible to obtain 9000 of Optilaser ideal so that our character can shoot lasers.

Obtaining Nociception Clamp to allow our character to be immune to critics and can be down longer.


 Statistics and constructions: It is important to know that mods must be used with great care for constructions, as these are usually powerful enough and can be an electic collection of bonuses, this is what mods can offer us:


  •  Subdermal coating that allows us to get the ideal armor for melee combat.
  • The ideal health regeneration liver box to build with a flamethrower.
  • The ideal EMP cylinder to stun an enemy when approaching a sniper.

 This is all you need to know about How to obtain Cyborg Tech, because it is definitely important and we can give it an interesting use in Wasteland 3 which allows us to get a change in our character from certain modifications.

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