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2020-08-27 13:07:13

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Marshal Know.

  • Class level 3: Guardian L4.
  • Starting Weapon: Assault Rifle.
  • Skills: 3 automatic weapons, 3 sneaky shit and 3 Kiss Ass.
  • Classic: 3/2/4/4/3/2/4
  • Location: Rangers Headquarters.


 Lucia Wesson.

  • Class level 3: Gunman L4.
  • Starting weapon: Revolver.
  • Skills: 5 Small Arms, 3 Mod Weapons, 2 Swap, and 2 Survival.
  • Classic: 2/3/6/1/4/5/2.
  • Location: Colorado Springs.



 Jodie Bell.

  •  Class level 3: Driver L6.
  • Starting Weapon: Sniper Rifle.
  • Skills: 5 sniper rifle, 3 mechanical, 3 animal whisper, and 3 first aid.
  • Classic: 4/3/5/2/2/4/3
  • Location. Ranger headquarters.



  •  Class Level 3: Tramp L8.
  • Starting weapon: Shotgun.
  • Abilities: 7 Small Arms, 4 Lockpicking, 4 Sneaky Shit and 2 Close Combat.
  • Classic: 4/5/6/4/5/2/1
  • Location: Rangers Headquarters.


 Ironclad Cordite

  • Class Tier 3: Warlord L2
  • Starting weapon: Does not have.
  • Skills: 9 Fight, 5 Leadership, 4 Explosives, 4 Mechanics.
  • Classic: 8/1/2/6/6/6/2
  • Location: The old survivors' bunker



  • Class level 3: Scraper L12.
  • Starting Weapon: Blade Weapon.
  • Skills: 8 Melee Combat, 7 Modding Armor and 4 Toaster Repair
  • Classic: 4/2/3/8/8/4/2
  • Location: Unión Station.


 Vic buchanan

  •  Class level 3: Psycho L21.
  • Starting weapon: Pistol.
  • Skills: 10 Small Guns, 8 Big Guns and Hard Ass.
  • Classic: 6/2/9/4/4/6/6
  • Location: Aspen Little Hell.


 Pizepi joren

  •  Class level 3: Researcher L21.
  • Starting Weapon: SMG Energy.
  • Skills: 10 Automatic Weapons, 7 Nerd Stuff, 7 Weird Science and 2 First Aid.
  • Classic: 4/2/8/4/4/8/6
  • Location: Aspen Little Hell.

How to recruit Companions in Wasteland 3?


Comrades from Rangers Headquarters.


 Marshal Kwon: this is the first partner that we can recruit and consider that it will be the partner that forces us to avoid eliminating civilians or committing an act that is precisely out of place because he can simply abandon us or simply turn against us, the only way to get him as a partner is when we manage to take control of the Ragers headquarters in Wasteland 3.

 Jodie Bell: This is a really good sniper girl who is also recruited from Ranger HQ, which makes her an excellent companion allowing our task on How to Recruit Companions to really have some value, she can only join us when We have finished when we have managed to complete the mission, we managed to rescue her from an ambush and it is highly useful because they have knowledge in first aid, so it is necessary to ensure that she manages to survive.


 Scotchomo: This is a colleague who is also recruited from the Rangers headquarters, his statistics have a certain resemblance to other members, when we recruit him, he is simply drunk in the dining room.


Companions from Aspen Little Hell.


 Pizepi Joren: our search to know How to recruit Companions has led us to this character who have technological skills, which is simply interesting, he is already a known character in the previous installment and there is practically no need to recruit him, since he usually offers to be part of Our group in Wasteland 3 simply tends to get somewhat advanced in the game when we already know other members.


 Victory Buchanan: this colleague that we manage to recruit simply tends to particularly echo two specific weapons which makes him interesting and a necessary being in our journey to know How to recruit Companions, he is not recruited as such since he makes a request to join our group in November is simply a character known for his exploits of murder in Aspen.


Colorado Springs Fellows.


 Lucia Wesson: we simply get to know this character quickly, at the beginning he is not very skillful but allows him to level himself, to ensure that he does not abandon us or can become hostile it is only necessary to avoid eating cowardly acts, he simply does not like that, it is possible that he uses only weapons individuals like revolver or shotguns are very good for her, we were able to recruit her at the sheriff's office.


Comrades from Union Station.


 Fishlips: knowing how to recruit Companions is simply necessary and this one particularly has close combat skills which makes him interesting, although it is possible that he uses a firearm because they have the necessary capacity to do so, he is the leader of a gang that is dedicated to looting so they will always recognize us as bosses in Wasteland 3.


Companions from the old survivor bunker.

 Iron Cordite: The way to get to know the character is to make a connection with the refugee problems in Wasteland 3, since generally this usually shines in the late part of the game, so keeping it close to the missions is simply not feasible, implying that It is important to know how to recruit Companions, but each one in due course, since he is a character that can become sufficiently involved in the fight with firearms which allows us to equip him with some accessories only in decisive moments not to get some kind of alteration, he's basically an interesting character.

 This is all you need to know about how to recruit Companions, because it is simply necessary to do it because alone we cannot with this fight to survive in Wasteland 3.