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Angel Marquez
2020-09-07 16:45:53

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With our Wasteland 3 guide you will learn more about Where to find all Cyborg chickens.

What are Cyborg Chickens in Wasteland 3?

I know of one of the many collectibles that we will be able to find as we progress in the game, certainly we must consider the difficulty to be presented, specifically we will be in the wasteland 3 of the fantasy scenario, to have the details that we understand where to find all Cyborg chickens, we need to pay attention to the content that follows.

Where to find all Cyborg chickens in Wasteland 3?

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Once we find the entire wasteland 3, it is necessary to take the chickens to the Rangers' barracks, which will allow the unlocking of a character that will help us to progress in the game, there are factors to consider about the chickens, we have to have the animal whispering skill, to be able to get an enchantment on the animals inside and outside the fighting, when searching for the last chicken we must be with the minimum animal whisperer level 5, in the barracks of the Rangers we find the first of the chickens, being our objective of a total of 5, then from here the others are in the wasteland 3 and the second we will have it in the garden of the gods that is north of the corpses that are in flames, we continue for the third through the San Luxe apartments in the back door, if we want to go through this door it is necessary to repair a generator for this Requirements of mechanical skill be in At level 5, it is an exploration skill that allows us to improve when we see our character from Paramo 3.

In the case of the fourth chicken, it is located in Broadmoor Heights exactly in the church, it is simple to find it in the room that is next to the entrance of this church, we will have access by pressing a button that is very close and to We are going to find the last chicken in the patriarch's bunker, this is located below this area, on floor 2 of this bunker it is necessary that we have another of the skills, it is about sneaking with a level of 6 necessary and that of animal whisperer that must be in number 5, in the end we will do what we mentioned before, take the chickens to the Rangers barracks and in this way we can continue progressing in the game.

Saber Where to find all Cyborg chickens is interesting as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Wasteland 3.

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