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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-31 16:44:28

More about: Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 allows us to have some interesting elements which leads us to explain where to find all the creepy dolls

What does Wasteland 3 bring us?

  This delivery of Wasteland 3 allows us to have more action, get some rangers with interesting abilities, improvements in terms of weapons and armor, but in the same way there is the possibility of getting us with some considerable amount of corpses that some gangs have left, because here they have achieved evolve disorder, in addition to combat there is the possibility of finding and taming some animals that can perfectly well attack innately and this is simply favorable, because our trip through Colorado is simply a formidable adventure, which takes us among many activities to know Where find all the creepy dolls, which are actually simply 15 toys that in a way correspond to the loot that this game has.
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Where to find all the creepy dolls in Wasteland 3?

 It is necessary to make it clear that getting these 15 creepy dolls allows us to achieve the My Beautiful achievement, in addition to obtaining some benefits that can be made permanent. Below we offer you the location of the dolls with their respective description.


  •  Radical Rachel: it has 5 percent explosive damage effect, it is found in the archives or museums section, specifically inside a container in the Rangers Headquarters.
  • Keen Karen: this doll has a perception effect of 1, it is located in the hidden passage that leads us to the PAL computer in the Garden of the Gods.
  • Maneater Maury: It has an effect of 15 construction / HP, it is located before the bridge where it is possible to see the smugglers camped inside a bag in El Bizarro.
  • Lethal Spear: this has the effect of Penetration 1, it is necessary to defeat the Drilldogs and the Shockdog to get it in the Monster Army Bunker.
  • Cruel Cory: Its effect is 5 percent damage against animals, it is in the container on the left side under the statue in the White House of the Gippers in Denver Ruins.
  • Emmett electrically: Its effect is 5 percent energy damage, this is an object that is buried covered with snow in a field that is only accessible from the right exit of the terminal in the Commune of the Machine.
  • Cursed Fred: its effect is 5 percent damage against animals, to achieve this it is necessary to open the Lockpicking 8 door in the room with Western Drifting Clouds in the Ancient Survivors' Bunker.
  • Nervous Nancy: This doll has a 0.5 second detection time effect, it is located relatively close to the area of ​​the vending machines in the mine section specifically at the Department of Energy site.
  • Cordial Henry: Ditch with 10 percent heal effect, located next to a corpse in a duffel bag, relatively close to a considerable amount of loot near a bunker in Aspen.
  • Fierce Francesca: This one has a 5 percent melee damage effect, it is located in the suite section near the cage in Aspen.
  • Zen Zoey: This creepy doll has a 2 percent chance of success effect, it is located on the right side of the monster yard at Snowed Inn Resort.
  • Quick Quaid: Has an effect of 5 percent sneak attack damage, it is necessary to eliminate some mobs that are relatively close to Larry's grave at the Knox Bison Ranch.
  • Patty Purista: they have a 5 percent damage effect against mutants, it is only possible to take it when we have gotten the strange beings, as well as the Tesla coil has finally disappeared and is located in the Oil Well.
  • Angry Aaron: They have 5 percent critical resistance effect, it is inside a chest with many landmines in the Godfisher Sanctuary in Yuma County.
  • Hyper Heather: It has an effect of 5 percent of initiative, it is the last doll that we get, it is in the room where we face Liberty Buchanan inside a locker.


 This is all you need to know about Where to find all the creepy dolls, so you should set off on your journey and get all 15 in Wasteland 3.

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