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Guide to learn how to use Tarjan tokens in Wasteland 3

  For those of you who don't know, Tarjan's Tokens are a rare collectible in the game. If these tokens are obtained, you will be able to obtain very rewarding rewards and a lot of other beneficial things and in this guide we will explain it to you in detail.
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    How to use Tarjan tokens in Wasteland 3?

    Tarjan's Tokens can be found within Toasters. What may seem like simple garbage, is actually something quite rare and valuable, so if you find one, this may interest you.

    With this item in your possession, you will need to head to the Cabinet of Curiosities within Bizarre. There is a collection of rare artifacts here. In the corner of the room, next to the throne, there is a Tarjan machine, much like BIG's.

    Get close to the machine and interact with it. You will have several options but the only one that is of interest to you is "Insert Tarjan coin". The machine will vibrate a bit, make some fun noises, and then bless you with an unexpected bonus. Any character who uses Tarjan's coin in Tarjan's machine receives the benefit of the doubt. Provides a 10 percent evasion benefit as a benefit.

    This is a permanent unlock for the character. Additional uses of Tarjan Coins provide random buffs for 10,000 seconds on custom characters. Each main companion can use the coin to receive a permanent buff appropriate to their specific class.

     Now that you know how to use Tarjan's tokens in Wasteland 3 you can get special bonuses in the game that will be of great help to you. Luck!

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