Angel Marquez
2020-08-27 12:18:39

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We invite you to discover How to use inventory, a new task in Wasteland 3.

What to know about the inventory in Wasteland 3?

It is possible to filter the different loot that we get in the game, for this we have the system that allows us to save and sell and even discard, thus having them grouped in our inventory, this time there are some doubts to solve, specifically the content will focus on guiding us in how to use the inventory, let's see what it is about right now.
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How to use inventory in Wasteland 3?

What we will do is access the inventory menu with the button that we have on the PS4 to share, on the Xbox it is back and on the PC we have that it is the I, in this way the inventory menu has to appear, then we can filter the different categories of objects, if we are on a PC we will do it with the appropriate key assigned for this task in the lower right corner of the screen, we will go through until we locate what we need, then we will make the choice of the object, to If we press on it, we will have a menu which allows us to equip said object, disassemble it or even make it lose it, it is at our personal discretion.

Knowing how to use the inventory is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Wasteland 3.