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It is very important that you pay attention to this article if you want to know how to get the Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3, because we have it.

What is Wolfe’s Hunt side quest in Wasteland 3 about.

Before telling you how to get the synthesizer for the Wolfe hunt, we must first tell you that this is a side quest in which your main task is to find a dangerous synthesizer. You get this mission after rescuing another synthesizer, but the new one you have to find is a little harder to find, since it is located in the city of Colorado Springs and there are simply no more tracks up to that point and that is why we go to tell you how to get the synthesizer for hunting.
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    How to get the Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3.

    The first site you want to check out if you're wondering how to get the Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3 is inside the Museum in Colorado Springs, a synth is hidden here. So go through the side entrance through which you can enter until you find a "Welcome" sign. Here you will have to talk to the animatronic upstairs, this will allow you to get some ratio references.

    Choose the answer "Nerd Stuff 4" to stun the synthesizer and then make a decision.

    If you want Synth to appear you can shoot the animatronics to wake it up.

    Here you have several options, destroy the synthesizer, stop the synthesizer or let it go.

    • If you destroy it and go back to the headquarters, you will receive more missions to track and destroy other synths.
    • If you decide to stop the Synth, it refuses to go with you, forcing you to either kill it or let it go.
    • Letting go of Synth means completing the mission, but Wolfe will be very upset about this. The best you can do is drop the base as he and Synth will probably show up later.

    If you decide to kill the Synth you will have access to other locations, "A very close look at Denver", "A little further from Denver" and "There is one in the Aspen area that keeps flashing".

    How to get the Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3 - Denver and Aspen locations.

    • A very close look at Denver: To find that little you will have to go to the Denver airport. On the way you can find a small room full of machines where there will be a synthesizer with which you have to interact and remove to complete this part of the mission.
    • A little further from Denver: Once the story in Denver is finished, you will receive a radio message on the world map which is related to a Martian invasion in the tellurium mine, so you will have to go to this site. Upon arrival you will see a robot fighting a spider, but what matters to us is the Earl synthesizer that is in the same room. Kill him and take his head to complete this step.
    • There is one in the Aspen area that keeps flashing: Now what you have to do is go to the Department of Energy, to the area near Aspen, so it will be necessary to have radiation updates on the vehicle to get there. Head to the final room to see the synth leading a robot fight.

     That's all you have to know about how to get the
    Synth For Wolfe’s Hunt in Wasteland 3, we hope this article has been as useful as possible for you and you have managed to get the precious synth from home and remember that like this guide on how Get the synth for the Wolfe hunt, we have a lot more interesting content about Wasteland 3 that will be very useful for you.

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