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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-15 16:19:40

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The more we play Genshin Impact the more we love adventure and this is conducive to telling you How to Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island

What is the Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island in Genshin Impact?

  This is simply a necessary objective to continue our journey through this interesting adventure, only that our passage through this objective can be somewhat misleading and can leave us a bit confused, however, knowing How to Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island leads us to having to solve certain puzzles, since thanks to them this search could become somewhat simpler, since practitioners are an obstacle that we must remove from the middle in the first instance.
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How to Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island in Genshin Impact?

 Our first task is to progress in the secret mission after having obtained the diary, this first task is easy to do, because to find the diary it is only necessary to focus on visualizing a large circle on the map specifically on the south side, which leads us to mobilize a bit and thus choose to break a number of rocks since precisely they will be covering the newspaper, which prevents it from being easily seen, now that we have the newspaper with us it is necessary to take carry out the search itself, in addition there is not even any need to stop to read the pages of the newspaper since precisely Paimon is in charge of issuing comments about what it says, however it can be a good companion to solve this task.

 In the newspaper some background information about the island is captured, to the point of revealing some speculation about the connection of the god Anemo Barbados, in the same way it indicates who the original owner of this island, up to some eventualities that can occur between hours between 2 and 5 AM in such a way that according to the writings the island usually feels different during this short period of time.

 In such a way that Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island is a task that we can only do for 3 hours, as this allows us to disperse the wind groups during 2 and 5 in the morning, in addition to having a little luck and knowledge acquired through our journey.

 Definitely, knowing how to Uncover the Secret of the Uninhabited Island makes us have to mobilize a little and find some interesting and historical writings in Genshin Impact.

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