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We have made for you a Terraria guide where we propose to tell you How to get the Princess

Who is the Princess in Terraria?

  This is nothing more than an NPC that has recently been included in the latest update of this game, since it is a real princess and to get it it is necessary to complete some requirements, these are not very complicated but vital, so that you know how to get the Princess simply makes us have to work a little on the one hand to find an empty house since there are no more NPCs, on the other hand it is necessary to understand that she is a merchant, which leads us to buy her some amount of aesthetic items which includes mostly clothes to dress us in a certain way in the same way as this girl.
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How to get the Princess in Terraria?

 To locate her, it is only necessary to wait for her to knock on our door, because in reality there is not much to do to locate her, however if a quantity of cosmetics and clothing items that she is selling since she is a merchant, she is a girl that she has some kind of peculiarity about where to live, what if it bothers her is to find herself alone, which leads us to locate her with at least 2 NPCs so that she does not feel unhappy, because even when she loves all the biomes the fact of being alone allows you to reach 150 percent unhappiness, which makes us have to buy enough items because this makes you happy because the cheaper they are, the happier the girl will be.

 These are the items that the Princess sells at Terraria:


  •  Glass Fern for 10 Gold
  • Teardrop of glass for 10 gold.
  • Crystal spiral worth 10 gold.
  • Painting of a girl worth 10 gold.
  • Potted glass tree worth 10 gold.
  • Dark side of holiness worth 10 gold.
  • Princess64 worth 10 gold.
  • Music Box worth 10 Gold only this can only be purchased at the end when the world is on Hardmode.
  • Real triera worth 50 gold.
  • Royal dress worth 50 gold.
  • Prince's uniform worth 50 gold.
  • Cape prince for a value of 50 gold.
  • Prince pants worth 50 gold.
  • Royal blouse worth 50 gold.
  • Glass slipper worth 1 silver.
  • Royal scepter worth 1 silver.


 Now that you know how to get the Princess, it is necessary to wait for it to touch our setting and choose to make some purchases at Terraria.

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