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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-15 16:15:11

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Genshin Impact has managed to involve us considerably in such a way that it is necessary to know how to find get Non-Resin Artifacts

Is it necessary to perform tasks that do not require resin in Genshin Impact?

  Of course, yes, well here we are going to tell you how to find get Non-Resin Artifacts, especially agricultural artifacts that can mean a basic element, since they are necessary elements that allow us to have the possibility of equipping the player, some objects can be found located in spaces individuals and can offer us artifacts that allow us to reach 1 or 2 stars, because this in a way is some kind of necessary form that allows us to choose to make our character can become strong, even when they are basic elements.
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How to find get Non-Resin Artifacts in Genshin Impact?

 These can be obtained in stacked barrels and can appear daily, for which an interesting option is to go to Wangshu in Liyue, which leads us to perform some search activities in this way:


  •  Located west of the Wangshu Inn in a house covered with vegetation.
  • Our job is to go through some boxes to access that place.
  • Inside the hovel we find some low-level artifacts that can be used as fuel to achieve the improvement of others.


 Cultivating certain bosses can also be a necessary option, only that this can become a somewhat more complex process, and it should also be used as a last resort, because there is no total confidence that this can be done efficiently, they are However, the world bosses that can be cultivated to try to get get Non-Resin Artifacts can be:

  •  Agents Fatui Pyro.
  • The magicians of the Abyss.
  • Mitachurls.
  • Hatchlings.
  • Ruin hunters.


 There is the possibility of grinding Mora without using resin, and this is because artifacts can be found precisely to be dismantled for Mora, so that choosing to do as many searches as possible is simply a necessary task.

 This is all you need to know about how to find get Non-Resin Artifacts, as it is a search task that leads us to work a bit on Genshin Impact, since these can help us to get improvements from others.

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