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Angel Marquez
2020-10-15 16:20:26

We invite you to discover How to change the difficulty, a new task in Torchlight 3.

What to know about the difficulty in Torchlight 3?

Currently most games like this, ARPG are presenting adjustments for the difficulty, these manage to affect the loot, if it is higher, the better they will get, more experience, gold and more, but we may not be with the one Whatever it may be, now in this guide details will be presented as to how to change the difficulty, let's just put it from here on.

How to change the difficulty in Torchlight 3?


From the options menu this is not possible to do, it must be taken into account, although if it is possible to do so we have to return to the main menu, in order to make it more difficult it is necessary to make the choice of our character and that is when we will make it possible The change in difficulty, at least it is a possibility to make, changes focus on the loot and other aspects, taking into account that it is not something massive, if the changes occur in the luck of the gear, that of the potion and the speed of the monsters' movements, taking into account that depending on the difficulty the monsters become capable of causing greater damage and have a greater amount of health as well, specifically the obstacles but there are bonuses according to each difficulty and these are the following :

  • Ridiculous: Gear luck is 20 percent, Potion luck is 20 percent, and monster speed is 50 percent.
  • Painful: Gear luck is 10 percent, potion luck is 10 percent, and monster speed is 35 percent
  • Hard - Gear luck is 5 percent and monster speed is 20 percent
  • Normal: no bonus

This is all you need to know how to change the difficulty, apply it according to your criteria and continue the fun that Torchlight 3 offers you.

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