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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-02 19:54:04

More about: Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer offers us more than transporting spirits, there are some extra activities to do and that is why today you will know how to Upgrade the windmill

Why upgrade the windmill in Spiritfarer?

The first thing we should think about is getting the plans, as they are important to make some improvements, in the particular case of the windmill, it usually offers us different types of flour, in addition to other types of food that may be rich in flour. which makes our recipes a bit more attractive, and with this opt for some foods that may be the favorites of the spirits, this mill is usually one of the most interesting instruments in terms of the production of resources in the building, since the It is true that knowing how to update the windmill is honestly an activity worth doing.
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How to upgrade the windmill in Spiritfarer?

 This is an action that we must do but first we need to answer some questions to be able to choose the plans and with it know how to Upgrade the windmill, so we will start by locating some fishing boxes that are out of the water, it is only necessary to jump to the water and nothing to where the floating drawers are located to break them, for this it will be necessary to proceed to press Square on PS, X on Xbox or Y on NS, then we have to go to Gwen the person who has asked us who will be the In charge of entrusting us with another task that consists of obtaining 15 silk thread which can be obtained from the blackberry trees that are in our orchard on the boat, it will only be necessary to use the loom to get the thread.

 It is also necessary to get 5 household glues that can be obtained by burning some old shoes in the Foundry, this can be achieved in Stanley's search line, with these materials in our possession it is necessary to go back to the one who entrusted us with the rarea to inform us and give us the plan of improvement of our mill.

 Now that we have the plan in our hands, it is time to go to the task itself, updating the mill, the positive of this is that it is a fairly simple activity, it is just a matter of getting into action to work a little, just We have probably made quite a bit of progress by this point and this is because we have already played a considerable part of this game, which makes it easy for us to start making use of a few interesting recipes in Spiritfarer.

 In general terms, knowing how to Upgrade the windmill only requires the plans, so do not stop answering the questions because after that everything is really simple in Spiritfarer, give it a try.

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