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Angel Marquez
2020-09-02 19:43:13

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Find out how to complete the shum altered item mission in this excellent and explanatory Control guide.

What to know about the shum altered article mission in Control?

It is a recreational machine that we will be able to find in the area of ​​active investigations of the sector, this is in an office next to another recreational machine, shum 2, being very close to each other unusual powers are activated, certainly this kind of missions become difficult, since it is a tracking of an altered object or we will go through different steps to access it, even some battles, to understand How to complete the mission of altered item shum it is necessary to know more details Let's see what we can find in the part of this guide that follows.

How to complete shum altered item mission in Control?

Once we make an interaction with the machine we are going to be transported to a games cabinet, where there are 2 kinds of games from which we must choose one, this between Crowd Control or Deadline, in the first we have to deal with a significant amount of enemies of Hiss, which as we progress, the waves will become more difficult to overcome, being vital to maximum health and a weapon that has its maximum powers, now it is possible that on the screen we see the progress that we are making through of a bar that is located in the upper left part.
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Now we are going to meet with Deadline, in this we have the time-limited game mode, where it is necessary that we kill or catch Hiss's enemies in order to add a second to the timer that presents countdown, when the time is up it will be the end of the game, here they will test us in terms of our abilities, the mission requires that we complete one of these 2 game options, in this way, when we achieve it, we will be able to achieve the achievement of recreation in the workplace, too We gain items and access to Shum 2.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to complete the shum altered item mission will be of great use to you to progress in Control.

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