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Today we bring you a Spiritfarer guide where we propose to explain to you How to obtain nebula thread

What is Spiritfarer about?

This is a game where it will be necessary to play as Stella a guide of spirits, whose objective is to take care of them while she goes in the collection of some interesting objects, because we are facing a boat trip where we can get some fantastic and unforgettable memories that this walk.
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    How to get nebula thread in Spiritfarer?

    While we embark on this journey where we will be guides, it is possible to observe some number of yellow circles on the map, at first glance they are only boxes, only when looking closely we realize that they are shellfish, however it is necessary to move to the west of the map since this is where we can see different types of yarn and each of them has a particular characteristic.

    When we get to the place it is possible to get a beast, when interacting with it we will have the possibility of running around the ship picking up its babies that run quickly and without any control, since this is the only option to obtain the necessary nebulous fiber for the construction of buildings and some improvements, as it is a reward for collecting the babies and returning them to the mother.

     This is all you need to know about How to obtain a nebula thread, because it is simply a vitally important task in Spiritfarer and we have the time and availability to do it, try it.

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