Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-24 11:05:08

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Guide to learn how to craf linen fabric in Spiritfarer

  You may have trouble knowing how to upgrade your loom so that you can make new materials, materials that are used to improve other facilities that open up even more recipes and ingredients.

The earliest you'll need linen fabric is probably to update your kitchen. One of your Spirit friends on board your ship asks you to update the kitchen and there is also another Spirit who wants to talk to you after updating your kitchen. As such, you'll want to track the Loom update as fast as you can.
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How to craf linen fabric in Spiritfarer

The detail that you can update your loom is that you will have to wait a long time for that to happen. While that happens you must advance in the game and make sure to complete Gwen's objectives and side missions each time they appear. Eventually, she will ask you to take her to her family's home, Villa Maggiore. The Village will be placed on your map, so it won't be difficult to find once she gives you the quest to simply get her boat to that location.

When you arrive, you will have to go through a house and when you are at the top there is a door that opens onto a balcony. There's a chest with the music box inside that Gwen requested, but there's also a Loom upgrade blueprint. Once you've picked it up, return to your boat.

Now you can use the update function of the plan table to update the loom, allowing you to make linen cloth.

 Now that you know how to craf linen fabric in Spiritfarer you will only have to follow the specifications made previously and you will see how everything will happen sooner or later. Be patient. Luck!