Lidia Rozo
2020-08-28 10:56:05

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Spiritfarer simply shows us a journey to transport spirits and with this it is necessary to know how to obtain more Glims and make a pleasant journey.

What does Spiritfarer bring us?

This is a game that simply stars Stella, a girl who is in charge of transporting the spirits of the dead on a ship to the afterlife, because in this step it is possible to build interesting relationships since everything seems to indicate that this step from the earthly plane or to another it can simply be framed in a simple and attractive one from which we will have some fond memories.
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How to get more Glims in Spiritfarer?

Getting flashes is not really very complicated if we really know how to search, one of the places where it is possible to catch a considerable amount of flashes is between Mount Toroyama and Astilleros de Alberto, as this can happen while we sail fishing, it is also possible to buy them at Vagabond Merchant only this will make us have to offer you some items for the flashes.

Spending some time fishing can become an interesting option to get Glims, as it is necessary to have a good amount since these are simply useful to make some improvements, there is also the possibility of catching Glim bottles, these usually vary in size, there are large , medium and small.

Knowing how to get more Glims simply makes us participate in mini-games, because it is only by playing what can make it even easier, these games are clearly related to spirits, because with them it is possible to execute some tasks and events which include the possibility to capture some jellyfish while Atul is in charge of explaining how we can catch lightning in a bottle, since getting these flashes is an important activity, since we require money based on the option to collect other resources.

 Now that you know how to get more Glims, it's time to go for them, play a game and have fun for a while at Spiritfarer.