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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-24 17:53:37

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Guide to learn how to catch sheep in Spiritfarer

  You may have built a corral to raise your animals, in this case we will focus on the sheep, but by the time you want to introduce them there, you don't have! do not worry that this may be common at the beginning, so we will teach you how to obtain your precious sheep.

How to catch sheep in Spiritfarer?

When you explore one of the many islands in Spiritfarer, you may find a lost sheep or two. For example, Hummingberg, one of the larger cities you visited earlier in the game, has a stray sheep roaming towards the end of the area. You can talk to the sheep and the game counts the sheep as found, but there is more than just discovering the sheep.
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You should head to Mount Toroyama, a small island west of where you start your Spiritfarer adventure. On Mount Toroyamad there is a lost Spirit. Talk to the Spirit and they will explain that the sheep on their island has escaped from the Corral. With the one that you have fed the sheep is enough using popcorn and you will see that it will follow you. Return the sheep to the Corral and then the Spirit will tell you that they believe the sheep escaped because it was alone.

This action means that you can now search for sheep in the open world. Just find a sheep, feed it, and take it back to its boat. Then when you are back in the area, return the sheep to Mt. Toroyamad. You can bring the sheep to your boat and then shear them to get wool.

  • -Build a sheep pen
  • -Go to Mount Toroyama
  • -Complete the mission there to rescue the first sheep.
  • -Locate other sheep on other islands.

 Now that you know how to catch sheep in Spiritfarer you can get this animal for yourself on your farm in your own corral and take care of them however you like. Luck!

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