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Fortnite: How to Catch the Vendetta Flopper Fish

2020-09-03 07:24:12

Guide to Learn How to Catch Vendetta Flopper Fish in Fortnite

  The big changes for the new season of Fortnite are already made so most of them are completing missions and leveling up for the battle pass. Among the activities to do is catch a species of fish, so in this guide we will teach you How to catch the Vendetta Flopper fish and complete this game activity.

How to catch Vendetta Flopper fish in Fortnite?

At Fortnite, the locations of the various ponds and lakes around the map are still abundant and easy to find, so it will take a long time to catch the Vendetta Flopper in any of these ponds.

Make a professional fishing rod

While Marvel's season 4 crossover event has changed a lot within Fortnite, the way fishing works remains largely the same. The fish act as consumable items and can be classified into standard and unique fish. Unique fish are extremely rare and provide great benefits to players when consumed. The Vendetta Flopper is considered one of those unique fish.

But you should keep in mind that this type of fish in the game is a very rare species, with only a handful of players catching and documenting it so far. So it is unlikely that players will come across it randomly while fishing in a Fortnite match. Still there are ways to increase the probability of catching it. First, players will need to find a regular fishing pole, gather the materials needed to craft the professional fishing pole, and search for an upgrade bench.

The Vendetta Flopper

The professional fishing rod is important when fishing, as it greatly increases the chances of finding rare or large fish. When consumed, Vendetta Flopper will temporarily mark all nearby enemies on the map. The Vendetta Flopper can apparently be found in any body of water on the map, which means that once players have crafted the professional fishing rod, it all comes down to luck.

The more remote areas of the map may be more suitable for fishing if players are looking to avoid enemy encounters while searching for the fish, although this is just a guess. While this rare fish is likely to be a great challenge to catch, players don't need to complete a complicated task to get a chance to catch it.

 Now that you know how to catch the Vendetta Flopper fish in Fortnite you can increase the chances of catching this species so beneficial for your game. Luck!

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
Co-op, multiplayer
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