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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-01 17:50:18

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Guide to learn how to use windmill in Spiritfarer

  It may not have been very clear to you the correct use of the windmill, either because the explanation was very vague or you really did not understand how. Either way, don't worry! that in this guide we will teach you how to use this machine correctly.

How to use windmill in Spiritfarer?

To get started, the most obvious thing to do is have a windmill with you, and this is obtained by purchasing the Craftsman upgrade for your ship's blueprint holder from Albert, it is a vital piece of equipment.

By placing the grains in the compartment on its middle level by pressing Square on the PlayStation 4, the X Button on the Xbox One, or the Y Button on the Nintendo Switch, you can grind those grains into flours.

The flours in Spiritfarer are necessary to prepare a variety of dishes, many of which will help you improve the mood of your spirits and progress in your missions.
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The only detail that they have and that they have in common, with casting metals or cutting wood, is that it requires a little more interaction with the player. What does this mean? Well, after placing the grains in the middle level compartment, you must go to the top of the windmill and interact with the central column.

This will allow you to adjust the leveling of the windmill, shown as a square that you can move up and down with the D-Pad, with a smaller wheel to its right. As long as the wheel on the right is turning, the mill will continue to grind the beans that you have placed into powder, and will automatically be de-allocated from the column once all the beans have been ground.

 Now that you know how to use windmill in Spiritfarer you will be able to create the flours so necessary in the game, it may be strange at the beginning, but you will see that with the times you try, the easier the task will be.

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