Lidia Rozo
2020-08-26 10:14:38

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The occupations in Spiritfarer are simply fantastic and that is why today it is necessary to explain how to get more aluminum

Aluminum in this game turns out to be a highly valuable resource as it has the ability to be used to make and build some large structures.

Where to get aluminum at Spirtifarer?

It is first necessary to consider the possibility of advancing a little in the summer mission, as this has some aluminum veins that can be scattered throughout the island so we only have to take some pieces since these are highly necessary, but this is not It means that we simply appear and that's it, because we will have to go to the Aluminum Dragon where there are some deposits of these resources and they are usually large, it is only necessary to go through the body of the dragon, this occurs as soon as we get the Icebreaker update great for exploring what simply northwest.
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How to get more aluminum in Spiritfarer?

There are some interesting areas where it is possible to get this valuable resource, only that the first thing we must get is the icebreaker update since it is necessary to go into particular locations, where there are shipwrecks and some mining spaces as well as the aluminum dragon, this is one task that only occurs in the second half of the game when we are looking to explore some areas that are covered with ice.

It is important to know that a large part of the resources that we can find in this game are usually found scattered, which if necessary is to contemplate that it is only possible to do it in the main story of the game, these are the elements necessary to get the icebreaker update .

  • 10 iron ingots.
  • 18 linen fabrics.
  • 1 spirit flower.
  • 800 flashes
  • 5 Albert slates.
  • 12 oak boards.

Now that you know how to get more aluminum it's time to gather the resources, get the update and get down to exploring for resources in Spiritfarer, give it a try.