Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-26 09:08:51

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Guide to learn how to get bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer

  There may come a point in the game where you need to get bottled ectoplasm. You can fix this by talking to Stanley. but to do that we will explain it to you in detail in this guide-
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How to get bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer?

Fishing will be the way to acquire the mysterious seeds that are capable of becoming Stanley that as we mentioned before.You won't be able to talk to Stanley until you fish a little, or luck is on your side and Francis arrives with a particular item available for you. buy it. It is said out there that there are seeds that Francis, the mystery merchant, can sell you, and they have reported that it works to conjure Stanley.

Several players have said that it works, so it should work both ways. Fishing is probably the hardest part, so if you're lucky that day, Francis brings those seeds to your boat.

After that, you need to follow Stanley's quest line to get the ectoplasm. As you continue to search for Stanley, you will eventually receive ectoplasm as a reward for your effort. You will be able to collect it in the future. However, acquiring the mysterious seeds is the hardest part. Working with Stanley is pretty easy once he's on your boat.

 Now that you know how to obtain bottled ectoplasm in Spiritfarer you can start working in fishing to be able to get the seeds and thus move around to finally get the ectoplasm. Luck!