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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-24 19:16:37

More about: Spiritfarer

Today we are going to explain how to put lightning in a bottle an interesting task that we must do in Spiritfarer.

What can we expect from Spiritfarer?

This is a video game where we will have the possibility of controlling a ship, the detail is that it is full of dead, which leads us to venture into the control of spirits, our tour is immersed in the ship's constructions that already require some resources where it is specifically necessary to know how to put lightning in a bottle because this is a very important resource and that together with other resources will form a considerable improvement in the houseboat, thereby achieving pleasant memories.
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How to put lightning in a bottle in Spiritfarer?

 This is a task that takes place in two phases:

 Get the bottle: The first thing we must have with us is the bottle where we plan to put the beam, it is necessary to be careful when choosing the container, for this it is important to choose an empty bottle there is no need to buy it in Tom's store of Spiritfarer, so it will only be necessary to pick one up when we find it lying there on one of the islands, another important thing is to have the right time and in the same way look for the indicated location to catch it.

Catch the lightning: This is our second task and our biggest goal today, now that we have managed to collect several bottles it is necessary to take them and wait a bit until we see an electrical storm, because it brings with it some lightning necessary for our task, this it allows us to observe the darkness of the clouds a bit and to stand exactly where the sparks are with the bottle for when the lightning strikes it enters the bottle. This is a complex task in the sense that it is possible to deal with death, since normally lightning can be dangerous, but since we are already out of reach this can become not so scary, on the contrary it can become a fantastic experience, for It is good to opt for the player Cole Mcgrath from Sucker Punch`s inFamous.

 This is all that is required to know about How to put lightning in a bottle, because it only remains to wait for the indicated day to arrive and do it since it is simply not a complicated task in Spiritfarer.

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