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Battletoads: How to Defeat the Guardian

2020-08-24 12:25:27

We are back in the Battletoads universe with the sole purpose of explaining how to defeat the guardian

What is Battletoads about?

This is nothing more than a game of toads, although it is true it is not a novelty because there were some previous installments, since they already have more than two decades with us, however, we are before some improvements and more fun, in the fight against enemies making every time spent here really entertaining.
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    How to defeat the guardian in Battletoads?

    The toads are the center of attention or rather the protagonists, only the time has come to defeat the Guardian who comes through the roof, at a time when everything seemed to be quiet, but the shaking of the blows on the roof They kill that peace of mind right away, so we need to prepare especially because doing regular damage just doesn't work on this enemy so it's time to get more creative.

    Dodging the attacks is an interesting option and for this it is vital to make use of Zitz thanks to the speed of work, however, the choice is optional, in this sense it is necessary to kick the radioactive barrels since with them it is possible to give it to the guardian Sun that this will take advantage of to summon some eyes only that these if they are something easier to defeat and we can execute some regular attacks to charge against them.

     This is all you need to know about how to defeat the guardian as enemies here are the order of the day and it is our job to eliminate them in Battletoads.

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