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Angel Marquez
2020-08-24 19:11:31

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Welcome to our Mortal Shell guide where we will talk about where to find all the extinguishing acid.

What to know about the extinguishing acid in Mortal Shell?

Extinguishing acid is a very important resource with which we can make improvements to our build, the first time we go through the whole game we have access to 11 of this resource, then the next time we start the game we can have more access to this, the weapons can go through 5 improvements in the first complete game, while it will be double in the second time, a fact to consider is that in a single completed game of the game it will not be enough to improve our weapons to the maximum, we have To start another game, now to know where to find all the extinguishing acid, we have to pay attention to the next content.

Where to find all the extinguishing acid in Mortal Shell?

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There are several locations where we can find this resource, these being the following:

  • In the game we have that it is possible to buy Sester Genessa 8 acid extinguishers, the cost of each being 10 Glimpse.
  • Under a ramp that gives us access to the change files in the Dim door of the infinity seat we get an acid extinguisher
  • We have that in the Dim door of the infinite seat we can go through the elevator to reach the top of the tower where there is a teleporter, when entering this we will arrive at a ramp through which to go down and through some platforms we will arrive at a teleporter below and here is another acid extinguisher.
  • We will get a chest in the eternal nose of the seat of infinity, which is very close to the torch and is guarded by an enemy, in the chest we find an acid extinguisher.
  • In the abandoned chamber of the crypt of the martyrs we will find a chest containing an extinguishing acid before we reach the slavery of Grisha.
  • In the sanctuary of the crypt of the martyrs when going to the final room we will notice a hole in the wall, this will take us to the location of the chest where we find another extinguishing acid and some enemies that will be nearby.
  • In the ash monument we have on one side an acid extinguisher before we reach the room of the demons in the iron maiden and also before the final room we find another one.
  • Through one of the frog chests that are in the Fallgrim we will find an acid extinguisher, for this we must deactivate the fog if we want to access it.
  • We will get a Grisha on fire, before this there is a camp where there is a chest that has an extinguishing acid, this in Fallgrim towards the temple grounds.
  • Vlas can sell us 2 Extinguisher Acids for 2,500 tar each at the Fallgrim Tower Shop.

In conclusion, knowing where to find all the extinguishing acid is excellent because we can advance further in this incredible and moved game like Mortal Shell.

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