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Knowing how to use light smudge stick is an interesting and necessary task that we carry out at Phasmophobia.

What are the light spot sticks in Phasmophobia?

These are nothing more than a few simple elements that we can place on crucifixes, as they are ideal to be used as protection in such a way that this allows us to have the possibility of locating ourselves in a safe place, since ghosts can choose to attack us and It is our task to defend ourselves against their possible stalking.

How to use light smudge stick in Phasmophobia?

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    To get the white spots, it is first necessary to focus on buying some rods and this can be done as soon as the game starts, it is necessary to focus on equipping the spots sticks and proceed to press F, because with this we managed to turn on the ghost's nest, managing to place the temperature below 10 degrees Celsius, which allows us to get the stain stick to burn and thus proceed to disassemble and place some necessary equipment.

    Well, it is important to consider that the stain sticks usually work for a certain period of time, at least the time necessary to be able to stop the ghost during the hunting stage and that this cannot choose to attack us or our partner, When the stick of smudges burn is the right time to set up the video cameras, clean up some interesting areas, or simply choose to light up the ghost room.

    In one way or another, knowing how to use light smudge stick allows us to achieve considerable advantages against ghosting in Phasmophobia, try it.

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