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Today we come with the aim of telling you how to get photoPhoto Rewards, as it is important to know it at Phasmophobia.

What can we achieve by taking photos in Phasmophobia?

Money, the truth is that by taking photos we can get some amount of money that can perfectly serve us in the future, of course this is a complex task, because we can not go around photographing as if nothing, it is necessary to emphasize the activities for normal, since that allows us to earn between 5, 10 or much more money.
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    How to get Photo Rewards in Phasmophobia?

      To qualify for these rewards it is necessary to consider the possibility of taking a photographic camera with us, only photos, not video, and choose to take photos of certain particular elements, it is also vital to get our photo taken to be tagged, otherwise it is only I work in vain, we have the possibility of being able to carry with us a total of 3 cameras, the detail is that to get them it is necessary to have some money since each of them has a value of 40 dollars, each of them with a total of 5 specific uses.

      In this game it is possible to take photos of:


    •   A ghost.
    • Footprints.
    • Dirty water in the sink.
    • Corpse.
    • Ouija board.
    • Bone.
    • Vudu doll.
    • Activities like turning on the radio.

      Now that you know how to get photo rewards, it's time to search for these valuable rewards at Phasmophobia.

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