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We continue our adventure in Genshin Impact and this time it is to talk to you about how to solve lower the water at Dunyu Ruins Puzzle

What are the Dunyu ruins in Genshin Impact?

  As we progress in this game we realize that there are some number of interesting areas even though there are only two regions, which has simply made this game perfectly permeate with the public, in such a way that today we get involved in knowing how solve lower the water at Dunyu Ruins Puzzle, a very interesting area that allows us to access the submerged Geoculus.
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    How to solve lower the water at Dunyu Ruins Puzzle in Genshin Impact?

     This is a task that allows us to have the possibility of becoming a Geo character, in addition to having to light a total of 4 torches, which is perfectly possible to do with a Pyro character, then we go to the main building located in ruins, which leads us to move through the stairs to go up from the water in search of a second torch which allows us to move to the platform located on the left side, this makes us have to submerge when we reach the place, but Our work does not end here because we are still missing two and they make us have to go near the Geo seal, once they are all located it is our task to turn them on so that the Geo seal can be unlocked and activated with the Geo ability.

     We continue our journey to answer this puzzle because we have barely finished the first part, which makes us embark on the search for the Geoculus and the chests, which begins to become a somewhat more complex task because in this situation of having activated the seal Opportunity opens for some ghost fairies to exist, three to be exact, one located under the building close enough to the stairs, another on the levels above and a last one in an area that we only see until the end, which makes us having to interact with the pillar of the building to get it to open the doors, eliminate the enemies and interact with the fairy, it is necessary to follow her, during this tour it is necessary to eliminate the mob to move towards the fairy and it is a task that We can perform with Venti, then we will go down through the hole, we go out and we can observe the fairy, which makes us move the socket and the shield that are blocking the acc that to the chest as this will allow Geoculus to fall.

     Now that you know how to solve lower the water at Dunyu Ruins Puzzle, it's time for you to try it at Genshin Impact.

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