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If you want to know how to get a horse in Miitopia, the following article has it covered for you.

What are horses in Miitopia?

It is one of the creatures of the game, it is in particular, it is one of the 3 members to accompany you in the game, but how do you get it?

How to get a horse in Miitopia?

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    You will be able to meet the horse for the first time in the first region. At that time, when you have to head to the city to retrieve the faces of the villagers, you will find some thugs disturbing a horse before reaching the castle.

    What you need to do is face the bullies to save the horse, so it is important that you have your skills and those of your companions improved as much as possible. Once you have finished with the thugs, the horse will begin to follow you so that you can then recruit it.

    After recruiting the horse you will be able to customize its eyes, the name of the nose, and other aspects.

    You must bear in mind that the animal will not occupy a place on the team, but will be an additional fifth member of the team. It is worth strengthening your relationship with the horse to get more advantages from him, for this you can spend a night with him.

    That's all you have to know about how to get a horse in Miitopia, so we hope that as soon as you find the horse, you will get as much benefit as possible from it.

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