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With our MAC Address guide you will learn more about How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac, let's see.

What to know about MAC Address?

It is a unique identifier that any device that is connected to a WiFi network has, which will allow network administrators or observers to track, thereby achieving the location of each person, certainly there are times when it is necessary that we know How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac, which will make the proper identification of the device for the configuration of permissions related to the network, this identifier consists of 17 characters, this is found on the network interface controller card of our computer.

It is a permanent link of the device, thus achieving communication between the devices that initiate the connection, being necessary to take into account the existence of 2 types of MAC Address, these being the universally administered address UAA and the locally LAA, being the UAA the most known to be assigned by the manufacturer of the device, instead the LAA is that of our adapter, the latter can be assigned to the network device and the one assigned by the manufacturer will change, as identifiers there is also the IP, this being confused with the MAC, but the IP only focuses on the routable logical connection of our devices with the network, the MAC of our device is used in the local network, instead the IP allows the identification of network devices, now to understand How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac, let's see the following details.
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    How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac?

    It is important to first highlight the reasons for knowing our MAC Address and this may be the following:


    •  Tracking our device
    • Locate the receivers that we do not want in the network
    • Provide service to a device, being necessary to know how to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac for this.
    • Make a different device change for the home network link with the provider.


     Now to find our MAC Addrees on PC with Windows 10 as our system, we will go to the control panel settings, system information, command prompt and PowerShell, being guided by the following steps



    •  We start to go to configuration and networks and Internet
    • We choose between Ethernet or WiFi,
    • The properties of the connection
    • Check the MAC of our PC in properties


     Control Panel:

    •  We open control panel and go to network and internet.
    • We choose the center of networks and shared resources, and we go to configuration of the adapter.
    • Being Ethernet or WiFi we will double-click on details.
    • Now we can solve How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac in this way.


     Symbol of the system:

    •  In the search box, type CMD and choose the command prompt to run as administrator.
    • We enter the command ipconfig / all and press enter, here we will see the MAC Address addresses of the cards that we have in our PC and even those that are not associated with the hardware cards.
    • In the physical address we will find the MAC.



    •  At start we right-click and Windows PowerShell
    • We write the command Get-NetAdapter and press enter
    • To check our adapter MAC we can see it from a list that has been configured on our PC.


     System information:

    •  In the search bar you have to write system information, when choosing it we expand the components section and choose the network section.
    • Then we enter the adapter and look for ours to confirm the MAC of our PC.


     Now to see that MAC Address we have on a Mac we must do the following:


    •  We enter our Mac computer, we go to the menu, in the system preferences and by giving the preference of the network system we are going to choose advanced.
    • So looking at How to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac we are going to go on the Mac to the execution of Open Trnsport or under the internet icon to see our Mac running the TCP, or the WiFi we have to under the address we can visualize it.

     In this way we finalize our MAC Address guide, now that you know how to find my MAC Address on PC or Mac, just enjoy it and get the best out of it.

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