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2021-03-15 08:52:10

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For the next article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how to change gender in Rust.

What is Rust?

The title belongs to the video game developed by Facepunch Studios, which has been inspired by various games of the survival genre. It was officially released on February 8, 2018, and since then many players wonder if the game can change gender.

How to change gender in Rust?

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Before anything else, can you change the genre in the game? The short answer is no. And although it is disappointing, the truth is that there is no option to change your gender, nor any type of character customization beyond equipping clothes or skins.

This is because your character is directly related to your Steam ID, so whatever type of character you get in the game, you are stuck with it, and where the character system is randomly generated imitating real life.

And while it was previously possible to try to create new accounts and play through Steam Family Sharing, the game no longer supports Steam Family Sharing.

You can try 1000 things if possible, but there is no guarantee that any method will work.

That is all we have in this guide on how to change gender in Rust, we hope it has been as useful as possible and you can be more clear on this topic.

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